Sports Facilities :: Karmel International School

Sports Facilities

Table Tennis Court: The indoor table tennis courts cater to the needs of a child who is interested in training for this particularly agile sport.

Basketball Court: The two basketball courts are built in the school premises with the latest specifications to enable quality practice.

Yoga Centre: Yoga is food for the soul. In today’s age where even a child is subjected to so much of mental pressure, the soothing and calming effect of yoga helps to train the mind focus better and have higher concentration level. The qualified instructor makes sure that the students requirements in respect to the physical and mental health are met through the various asanas.

Swimming Pool: It is an ultra-modern aquatic complex. The swimming pool has a diving pool with standard fixed and spring diving boards. It also has a covered gallery to seat 1000 spectators on either side of the pool. Experienced trainers and assistants would be present at all times to guide your child navigate the water safely.

Chess Court: Inculcating a child into this sport at an early age is known to have positive affects on the IQ level and mental agility of a child. Therefore, a separate Chess Court is created for the students to develop their intellectual abilities.

Lawn Tennis Court: The school has plexi-cushioned tennis courts. These are built in accordance with the world-class standards and requirements to give the students a professional sporting experience. Qualified trainers will always be present to train your child.

Badminton Court: Fully equipped indoor badminton courts with qualified trainers promote enthusiasm for learning and playing among the students while enabling them to participate in this sport during all seasons.

Play Area: Pre-primary outdoor play area has soft, cushiony, rubberized flooring for the safety of the little ones along with provision for a slide, swings, mini-obstacle race, sandpits and separate running and cycling tracks.

Auditorium:Various co-curricular activities, special assemblies, workshops, seminars, career counselling sessions, exhibition displays and inter-house activities take place in the auditoriums which are air-conditioned and fully equipped to meet the requirements of all the activities.

Seminar Room: The school campus has an air-conditioned state-of-the-art seminar hall that accommodates 500 people at a time. This room is used for all types of events, be it student events, parents-teacher meetings or guest lectures.

Assembly Ground: The role of a morning assembly is very important for the spiritual development of the student and for maintaining a positive environment in the school. Morning prayers and co-curricular activities improve love, optimism and unlock the high potential of a student’s mind. Also, the involvement of students themselves to maintain such programs increases management skills and public speaking skills among them. The assembly ground can accommodate all the students of the school at once, making it possible for them to participate at the same time.

Cafeteria: Karmel International School cafeteria features a spacious, large and hygienic eating place. The seating has been immaculately designed to keep the cafeteria hassle free during rush hours. We aim to provide nutritious, healthy and tasty food to the students. 

The menu is well designed, keeping in mind the parameters of taste and a balanced diet. We give prime importance to quality and hygiene in the preparation and handling of the food.