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School Curriculum

MEET - PEARSON curriculum at KARMEL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL A complete curriculum solution for a holistic personality development.


Education is a dynamic entity where technology has come to play an increasingly seminal role for an impactful delivery. Today’s learner needs stimulating content to enhance their cognitive skills, MyPedia does just that. MyPedia has emerged as a one stop point for the learners, teachers, schools and parents alike.

Experiential Learning

Labs at Karmel International School, along with the resource kits, provide a learning by doing experience to all kinds of learners using manipulatives, simulations and group activities.

MyPedia Books

In MyPedia, the thematically organized coursebooks of each subject have an interdisciplinary connect and is ably complemented by the differentiated worksheets in the workbooks. The books are supplemented by digital resources such as in-class video for teachers, home app for students and parents and new age immersive learning tools such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

MyPedia Digital

All the classrooms are equipped with award winning digital classroom solutions. Its dynamic classroom functionality helps teachers to teach better and learners to learn better.The integration of the digital content to our books helps students to: -Learn more efficiently -Learn more fully -Learn with mastery -Learn the best way -Learn anytime, anywhere

MyPedia Assessment

My PEDIA has transformed traditional assessments by providing teachers with effective tools such as customize summative tests, insight in-class for instant formative assessment and detailed reports for learning gap identification and remediation. Mypedia is an ecosystem of teaching & learning! Every child learns differently. Every teacher teaches differently. However, the learning outcomes in a class cannot be left to chance. MyPedia brings to every classroom a process of teaching that encapsulates the good teaching practices of good teachers to facilitate effective and measurable learning. MyPedia facilitates interdisciplinary learning, and brings together diverse disciplines in a comprehensive manner. It enables students to develop a meaningful understanding of the complex associations and influences within a topic. Thus, it makes school more interesting and productive for students and teachers.