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Vice Principal

Vice Principal's Message

As the Vice – Principal of this august institution, I feel privileged to assist the management in discharging my duty towards leading the school towards an exciting and enviable future which promises to offer great opportunities for the coming generation. We are sworn to help each student achieve his optimum level of performance during his association with our premier institution

We shall ceaselessly strive to exert ourselves to provide the best opportunities to make our students a kind, considerate and confident generation who shall be fully adept at handling the challenges of an ever-dynamic world which is fast in transition, in this exciting and increasingly global world scenario.

At Karmel International School, Gurugram; we take great pride in the ethics and values with which the founders laid down the foundation of this School and we uphold a high level of expectation from our students in terms of discipline and good behavior.  From the moment, a student steps inside our august institution, we are committed to exude a sense of inclusion and belongingness, so that the School becomes, as must rightly so, a second home for his development and growth.

Our excellent facilities, committed staff and dedicated faculty members shall ensure that he/she shall find an ally, a mentor, a friend, a guardian at every nook and corner of this School, so that heshe may achieve the very best in a congenial and friendly environment where education is more about evolvement than competition.