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Resource Centre

Karmel International School has a resource centre which is fully equipped with highly qualified staff constituting of two School Counsellors and two Special Educators. The centre also includes assessment tools, teaching aids and assistive devices to provide multi-sensory remedial teaching to students who are diagnosed with a learning disability. Cognitive learning strategies are also taught to students that focus on comprehension and memory skills, organizational and study skills; and enhancement of written expression.

The Centre’s primary aim is to follow the concept of inclusive education wherein the students are supported to achieve their full potential while remaining a part of the mainstream school.

The functioning of the Resource Centre includes the following:


The respective teachers of different classes are required to provide periodic feedback about the students who require special attention within a classroom setting. A screening checklist is used to identify students’ abilities and requirements as early identification and remedial measures are necessary.

Testing and Assessment

On the basis of the feedback, the students are subjected to a screening procedure with an aim to identify their underlying difficulty. Different assessment tools are used for the same, such as Schonell Reading and Spelling Test, Auditory Sequential Memory Test, GLAD (Grade Level Assessment Device), etc.

Individual Educational Program (IEP)

An Individual Educational Program (IEP) is prepared for students with learning disability and remedial assistance is extended to  help them reach the required class level. Monitoring the students’ progress towards meeting the IEP goals is essential as it is subject to constant evaluation and revision.


A buddy system has been put into action to give assistance to the student. It is a system where a student with special needs is assigned a peer buddy who assists him/her in daily class activities. Children are also provided with provisions as set forth by the CBSE Board, such as extra time during assessments, third language exemptions, reading out the question paper etc., at the primary and middle school level.