Director's Message :: Karmel International School

Director's Message

Dear Parents, Students and Well Wishers,

As the Director of this School, I feel proud to welcome you all and offer you our vision in terms of the academic strategy we intend to follow to provide a holistic and wholesome education to your ward.

Our aim at Karmel International School, Gurugram is definitive, wherein each child shall receive an education which is skill based that teaches him/her to know the why and how, rather than the ‘what’ of things. We believe that it is important that the critical and logical side of a child must be developed in his formative years and each child must be able to  independently ascertain the right and wrong of a situation, so that as an individual he/she is able to take independent decisions, which are well thought of and introspective, in nature.

We firmly believe that each child is an asset not only to his family, friends and school but to his/her nation and the society as a whole. We intend to initiate this reaction by acting as a facilitator in their education process which shall make them introspect on their decisions, unbiased by the biases/ prejudices of others. From the planning and conceptualizing the curriculum to its actual implementation, all our policies, programmes and strategies are aimed to help them in their pursuit of excellence, both academic and non-academic.

Technology has witnessed an exponential growth, more so, in this last one year. We are well aware of the fact that technology can play a huge part in keeping us on one page regarding the well-being of your child, hence we have incorporated all corresponding features in our structure and procedure. In line with the paradigm shift brought about in the wake of this phenomenal technological growth, we have ensured that the School shall provide extensive information to the parents about the progress of their ward through daily SMS update, absentee records and activity schedule followed in the School. Our simple and easy to use e-platform shall keep you connected 24X 7 with the graphical analysis of your ward’s academic progress, time table, class schedule, attendance and performance track records and provision has also been made for an all – time feedback box for you to offer your invaluable suggestions and inputs for the betterment of the School.

We hope that this methodology shall serve us in maintaining a stronger tripartite relation between the school, students and the parents in ensuring the well-being and overall development of your ward.